May 16th, 2015 |

There are multiple ways you can support us:

  1. Send us your encouragement, like us on FB and email us with suggestions: (Contact Us)

Please send out good thoughts (or prayers/mediation) for the success of our mission.  We understand the value of a collective body of people wishing us well and thinking encouraging thoughts for our mission. We do not discriminate on what practice you use; we just ask that you take the time out of your day to wish us well and our children. Please like us on FB and other social media outlets, so others can get involved. Send us emails with program ideas to make a greater impact on the children we serve.

Send us your encouragement by downloading our proclamation statement and recite it for the good of our children. Recite it with your friends and family, and please get back to us with any suggestions you may have.

Like us on Facebook at

  1. Sponsor a child:  (Donate)

Our monthly events are exciting and inspiring for our children and participants. A monthly sponsorship of a child goes a long way to ensuring their continued participation.  If you have an idea for an event that you would like to personally sponsor, please let us know.  Not every event is an expensive one. We will coordinate with you to come up with an educational message that ties into your event idea. This is an excellent way for you to personally come up with an event and give back to the foster children of Saint Petersburg. Our staff is ready and waiting for you.

  1. Volunteer:  (Contact Us)

We are looking for motivated and energetic volunteers to help us with our events and fundraise. I guarantee you will learn something about yourself at our events. The children we serve are so resilient and amazing, and they are in need of people who are willing to show them they care. We are also looking for professionals with various social service skills.

  1. Become an individual donor:  (Donate)

We understand the value of individual donors, and this organization cannot and will not survive unless we have your support. Please pledge any amount you can spare towards our cause.

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